New blog article (english): What can you do with WRPElevationChart (a lightweight GPS viewer app for Android)

WRPElevationChart was originally an app designed to visualize GPS and elevation data. However, over time, some special features have been added that can help other apps to import specific file formats that these apps cannot handle themselves.

In addition, WRPElevationChart supports other apps to visualize the data (elevation profile combined with a map view) in a more user friendly and accessible way, because the map view is linked with the elevation chart and vice versa. Due to the fact that the elevation chart and map views are kept as simple as possible, the map view can be easily combined with the elevation chart, even on small smartphone screens.

Therefore, I want to briefly present these special uses cases here.

I will refer to YouTube videos and animated gifs because it’s really just a matter of briefly outlining these functionalities (a kind of showcase).

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Mit etwas gutem Willen und Fantasie kann man mit dieser App sogar kleine Videos anfertigen.